About Bea

The new generation is making its mark on society and Bea simply wants to help steer that mark in the right direction. Raised in Amsterdam the founders grew up with the city's spirit of breaking down walls and connect with your surroundings. That's why Bea believes in a personal approach.

Bea houses all disciplines: Fashionista’s, businesspeople ,artsy’s, 9 to 5 entrepreneurs or 5 to 9 nightcrawlers. We support likeminded people with different minds. Cause great minds think different.

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What we do

Bea organizes events to support and connect the new generation entrepreneurs & creatives. We invite young professionals to share their knowledge and offer a broad spectrum of seminars, talks or practical workshops.

From inspirational talks about the keys of entrepreneurship to a detailed lecture in Design Thinking. As long as it is supportive, Bea supports it.

A personal Bea touch is key in every meet-up. 


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